About Us

IAS is one of the unique and leading ERP Contractor, for Implementing ERP projects through Online Monitoring System, for all type of manufacturing, service, government, non Govt., and Banking industries. With a mission to dispense innovating high-end ERP IT solutions, IAS is a unique Company doing Online Audit for various Industries. We have come a long way with profound experience, being pioneer in implementation of ERP for all industrial sectors especially in the field of Textile industries vertical and integrated knitted /woven garment manufacturing and allied process industries such as ginning, spinning, knitting, looming, sizing, dyeing, twisting, washing, compacting, printing, embroidery, fabric cutting, label making, all dry and wet fabric processes.ERP box products are available for Educational institutions, Oil industry, Liquor industry, UPVC industries, Retailers, Manufacturers and Service sector industries.

The complete new foray in the business of ERPwith a dedicated team of ace professionals,we have embarked tobecome the fast growing ERP product and service provider of choice. Backed by advanced Information Technology and effective R&D, IAS started its journey in the year of 1988 and moved on to developing various spheres of Audit Tools through designing of effective Audit Techniques for comprehensive end to end ERP solution. The MIS reports are generated with an innovative approach to the technology exclusively to support reliable, consistent and accurate ERP solutions.

Leveraging on the top-end futuristic technology and intuitive ERP methodology approach, IAS is a unique company offering online audit for various verticals of fast paced Industries. The products of IAS are very flexible to adopt ISO requirements and helps in multiplying the large scale expansion of the customer business and strategies. The installation of IAS products result in reduction of major overheads, pilferage, wastages and increase the savings and efficiency by adopting some Hi-tech Cost Cutting tools through software applications.

Besides offering World-class enterprise solutions on the cloud, IAS also made its mark in BPO sectors with services and support for the emerging market in the year 2000. Services offered ranges from accounting field, with respect to accounting data entries, book keeping for exports units, financial institutions and service industries. Now it is ready to take on any BPO assignment for any sector with efficient cutting edge ERP solutions in its expertise.