Financial Audit and Taxation

1. Audit And Assurance Services

  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Treasury Audit
  • Financial audit
  • Risk-Based Internal Audit
  • Audit under the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Revenue Audits
  • Stock Audits
  • Management Audit
  • ERP Online Audit through IT Tools
  • Expertise in guiding NIDHI Companies, MFIs, NBFCs companies.

2. Tax Advisory And Compliance

 i.        Direct Tax

  • Income tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Tax Consultation & Tax Planning
  • Corporate and business tax consulting and planning
  • Tax planning for achieving Mergers, Acquisitions Corporate re-organizations
  • Corporate and business tax compliance
  • Tax planning and compliance for partnership firms, trusts, MFIs, NBFCs, benefit funds, NGOs and Individuals / HUF
  • Preparation / Review of corporate tax returns
  • Assisting in advance tax computations
  • Preparing and filing of Tax Returns
  • Attending Assessment Proceedings
  • Preparing and filing of Tax Appeals
  • Attending Appellate Proceedings and Appeals Before ITATA, ITSC, AAC(CT)
  • Other compliance issues (tax registration, withholding tax, certification etc.,)

 ii.        Indirect Tax

  • Service Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • VAT

iii.        Transfer pricing

iv.        International Tax Services

3. Mergers, acquisitions and business valuation

  • Identification of the business to be acquired
  • Strategic planning of acquisition
  • Researching and identifying key targets
  • Valuations
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation
  • Advice on financing (debt, equity or other instruments)
  • Due diligence  for a successful completion

4. Due Diligence

The Firm performs due diligence reviews that would be performed for placement of securities. The firm has conducted due diligence reviews for domestic investors. The acquiring of a business carries  a number of risk in areas that include: financial, legal & litigation, markets & products, management & work force, strategic and unrecorded liabilities. The firm prepares a work plan based on client goals, concerns and expectations. An agreed-upon approach would normally be used.

5. FinancialAndCorporateAdvisory

  • Assisting in setting up Liaison/branch/project office in India under foreign exchange regulations of Reserve Bank of India.
  • Obtaining approvals from Foreign investment promotion Board (FIBP) for corporates.
  • Company Incorporation and related government approvals
  • Certification filing Centre for MCA
  • Registration of Society, Section 25 Company, Formation of Trust
  • RBI Certifications and filing
  • FCRA filing
  • Legal services Obtaining registrations and permissions like sales Tax (VAT) Registrations, Import Export Code Excise Registrations, Income Tax PAN, etc. required to commence business operations in India.
  • Undertaking feasibility studies and preparing project reports.
  • Assisting in raising finance from Banks / Financial institutions.
  • Assisting in Capital Investment and Restructuring Decisions.
  • Design and Development of Accounting
  • Comprehensive MIS Reporting tools.
  • TIN Facilitation
  • Project Appraisals
  • Industry Study
  • Preparing accounting manuals

6. Information Systems Control, Security and Audit

Information Technology has potential business risks that need to be identified and monitored on a regular basis. Changing technology, rising business threats with new business processes have been introduced into the system which pose a serious challenge to the companies to continuously innovate and keep themselves abreast of the new technologies and skills by complying to the legal and regulatory framework. This becomes a huge deterrent when companies lack the required technical expertise, skilled manpower and time required for ensuring a safe and effective IT audit process.

7. IT/IS Audits

  • We review the complete IT infrastructure, Networking, Business Applications, Data Security and controls.
  • Networks design, selection and implementation of equipment and software
  • Application audit
  • Securing the electronic Communication Channels, such as email, instant messages, short messages, etc., and establishing information retention policies.
  • To ensure better transparency in business operations, we assist in implementation of high quality standards for all the business processes by creating a common framework complying with all the legal and regulatory aspects to ensure a safe, reliable, integrated solution for IT investment optimization.