Internal Audit Solutions

Globalization and technology are today’s core business drivers, with the potential to send unprecedented risks cascading across your enterprise. Implementing a new ERP system is inherently risky for any organization. IAS Internal Audit Solutions can unlock these risks and articulate the risks from a management perspective. By aligning internal audit with your business strategy and boosting its capabilities, we can help the business become more efficient, more profitable, and achieve your strategic business goals.

Our team of internal auditors with the industry knowledge, analytical skills and technology can help identify and communicate risks by having them addressed throughout the project. By understanding the major phases and objectives of an ERP implementation, internal audit can objectively raise issues that, if overlooked, could jeopardize a project’s success. We help client’s asses their financial strategy and implement solutions to strengthen their finance functions.  We manage complex accounting issues, including non-routine situations such as financial restatements.  In addition, we help clients assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and lead investigations into financial irregularities.

Throughout the ERP implementation, internal audit has a vital role in verifying that project controls and best practices are followed.

Audit Services :

  • Controlling of Transaction as per Budget.
  • Accounting Data entry, word document, e-filing, Form feeding etc.,
  • Physical Stock Taking.
  • Physical verification of all Inward and Outward of Materials.
  • Proper Documentation of all Transactions.
  • 100% Transaction Verification through Audit ERP Packages.
  • Attendance Monitoring and Wages Bill Passing for Workers.
  • Bill Passing for All Material and Service Transactions.
  • Suggestion and Confirmation of Debit Notes.
  • Providing MIS Report for Various Departments.
  • Stock Statement for Bank/Management.
  • Furnishing of Consolidated Cost Statement and cost Audit Reports.
  • Online Intimation of Deviations, Frauds etc. to Management through Flash Reports.

Online Audit Services :

  • All Material Movement from Order To Shipment.
  • Payables for all Material and Service Transaction.
  • Contractors Payable.
  • Payroll Approval for Workers.
  • Suggestion and Confirmation of Debit Notes to Vendors.
  • Collection of Balance Material after Dispatch /Shipment.
  • Profitability Statement for each Sales Order.
  • Stock Statement for each order.
  • Stock Statement for Bank/Management.
  • Providing MIS Report for various Departments.
  • Intimation of Deviation, Frauds through flash reports.
  • Conducting Periodical Meeting.
  • Supplying Periodical reports.
  • Controlling of Transaction against budget.
  • Physical Stock Taking.
  • Department wise Meeting.
  • Implementation of Systems.
  • Fixing Authority and Responsibility.
  • Counselling of Conflicts.
  • Department wise code of conduct.
  • Penal Provisions for violation of code of conduct.
  • 100% Transaction through ERP package.
  • Weekly Review Meeting.
  • Monthly Review Meeting.
  • Corrective Action.