IAS provides Specially designed program for college students, irrespective of their computer skills and domain knowledge to enrich their soft and technical skills and to promote them to adopt themselves to the industrial prospect.
100% placement assured and employment starts right from the training.


  • Full Time – In house training for 30 working days (240 hours)
  • Part Time –  60 working days (240 hours)
  • Hands-On training on-site in factories (250 days)
  • Highly equipped training with industrial sewing  machines, computers with fully loaded ERP software, Projector and Training Hall along with Hostel facility


  1. Course Introduction  (2 days)
    Ice breaking  about garment industry
    ERP software application model
    Computer applications – Business Terms and terminologies
  2. Introduction on textile fibre (5 days)
    Types of fibre –  its properties
    Fibre to yarn – types and its application.
    Fabric type- woven-knitted, non woven and its properties etc.
    ERP tools and control parameter – focus on textile fibre and yarn ERP module.
  3. Textile grey and wet processing ERP module (5 days)
    Scouring, bleaching, mercerization – concept of colour.
    Various types of dyes and its application.
    Limitation and fastness requirements for different end use product.
    Textile grey and wet processing ERP module.
  4. Introduction about finishing process – chemical and mechanical finishing (3 days)
  5. Merchandising process (5 days)
    Important roles and responsibility of merchandiser.
    Overview about production and its machine.
    Textile trims and accessory ERP module.
    CMT process – INCO terms.
    Trade and documentation process – focus on textile garment  ERP module.
  6. Introduction about costing (4 days)
    Types of costing –pricing and its type.
    Work sheet practices.
  7. An overview of Warehouse Management ERP – Accounts, Finance and payroll ERP (3 days)
  8. Interaction with field experts. Including soft skill and business communication (3 days)
  9. Certificate distribution, group photo,  placement order distribution (1 day)