Why IAS?

All other Audit Systems are postmortem method in nature. The reports covers only about, how the frauds and mistakes are done and there is no preventive measures and cannot control wastages.

But In IAS system, since it is an Online Audit, the system automatically controlling frauds and mistakes before their occurrence. Or, the Deviations are made known to the higher authorities through Flash Reports. Also, through proper system , the approvals are done by the Top level Management before that deviated transactions are taken into account.

Global Mission

  • The IAS is formed to provide in-depth audit expertise in manufacturing and materials management.
  • The IAS generates qualified and trained manpower for right man in the right job for proper implementation of the Audit Tools. IAS monitors their work consistently.
  • The IAS assures need based technology, for reports and services in time and more than what is required.
  • The IAS will enrich your existing administrative and control setups through implementation of systems, Code of Conduct, fixing responsibilities and periodical reviews through SOP.
  • The IAS ensures expertise in cost cutting tools, minimization of wastage and pilferage and proper accounting of all elements of cost in arriving and comparing the budgets with actual results.